Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ok, the announcement will probably be made at Wiz World Chicago, but my book, AtomikMike, has been picked up by Alias Enterprises( Lions,Tigers and Bears, Lullaby,)!! I'm stoked as hell, and working away on pages as we speak. here's a taste of the cover. Yeaaaaaaaa Boiiiiiiiieeee!!!
I am the penciller, Stephan Nilson(of Metal Locus fame) is the series writer/co-creator, Mar Degano on inks, and Barry Williams on colors.
Look for it 1st quarter 2006.


Jason said...

good show!! it's me jigga133. holla!

mireldeyn said...

hey there jorzac! love this cover, simply awesome, and can't wait fer yer book to hit the racks!! congrats on being picked up by alias, and hope all goes well... take care...

... skot "kangarookid" johnson