Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Start spreadin' the news.....................
Wassup everyone, I know it's been a minute, calm down and I'll tell you wat be happenin'!!
First off, Baltimore was a great time, I'd like to thank everyone who came by my table to say Hi, it was quite an experience!! The best moment for me was when this couple came by to say Wat's up, because they saw me on T.V.!! Even had a copy of the cover to Atomik Mike#1 for me to sign!! Man my head swelled as they took my picture and made me feel like Jim Lee!!! HAHAHA!!
It's for reasons like that, and people like them that I am loving doing this, and tho my idiot ass didn't get their address, if and when they reply to this blog , lemme know, an autographed copy of Atomik Mike will make it to you when released!!
Jus send that pic of me as a jpeg(if you can fit my head in, hehehehe), so I know it's you, and we're Golden!! It was great meeting you and all the other fans down at Baltimore!!
Ok, first off, this is a little pic for Keron Grant's sketch contest on his site( mad competition there, wooooooo!!) Oh, and it looks like yours truly may be all up in his hometown promoting Atomik Mike this February of 2006!!! More news when I can give it up!!
See ya'll next time!!


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Israel Cruz said...

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