Saturday, August 21, 2010

Damn, I gotta use this more. Sorry, I sometimes have to restructure my computer an my faves get lost along the way. That's a damn shame, when you gotta remember to do your own blog. Oh, old is me!!! HAHAHA!! So anyway, this is what I've been up to. Doing background illustrations for an IPod game with the talented Wesley Gunn, my regular job(Ughhhhhh!!!) and trying to finish up all thoughts and character designs for my graphic novel. Alla this while waiting for the fine folks at Solipsist Films( and Root Films for that matter!!) to show me a little something from the Atomik Mike animated feature they're working on. Oh, what, you didn't know?? Yup, Atomik Mike is coming to you soon, I can't wait.So, the graphic novel I'm working on is a doozy, elements of sci-fi, Fight Club,and Battle Royale all wrapped up under one cover.It's defanitly NOT Atomik Mike, an you'll see from the get go. Talk to you guys soon, I will make a more concentrated effort then b4(yea, you've heard that b4!!)Here's some recent work in the meantime.

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