Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yea, sorry folks, but I am a non-updating fiend. Lotta things happening at the moment, and trying to keep my head above water and do the family thing too, you seem to sometimes 4get the little things.
Anewayz, Atomik Mike is heading for the small screen. Yup, he and April will be the hosts of KidQuest Adventures, to begin this fall. It's a little overwhelming, but I am stoked. The thought of kids growing up with Mike helping them out makes me feel great. Actually, it will start airing in Florida, but we hope he picks up steam. It will air thru Comcast Cable.
Also, I am jus on the second volume of Atomik Mike, and boy Stephan Nilson has a great time travel tale for you guys lined up for this go-round. I can't wait to go and get a nice headstart so I can put in all sorts of nostalgic stuff, this is gonna be great!! So come along for the ride!!!

Also, I have a great online artist friend name of Will Caligan who is in a tight spot. He is taking commissions, and could really use the work right now. Check out his journal here, as he explains it all. Super talented and humble guy who deserves more.(
Ok, until next time, I leave you with some character designs for the next volume, hope you all enjoy. Til next time, PEACE!!!

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Chris Sims said...

Congrats homie! I wish you and your team much success with Atomik Mike!