Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well, B-more Con has come an gone. As usual, Atomik Mike books sold out, this time by Sunday afternoon, which gave me time to do some sketches/commissions. Wanna thank everyone who came out and got some monkey stash, alla bunch of great fans.
My B-more Con story.
Kid comes up to my table and asks"How much are these??", referring to the prints I had for sale at my table. I told him the price to which he responded, "All I have is a dollar, what can I get with a dollar???" I said," Well let me see here," I figured I'd give him one of my Atomik Mike coming soon prints left from last year, sinceI had some left I saved for family. Only I couldn't find the damn things at the moment.So I figured what the hell, I'll give him a freebie, why not." So I asked him "Which one do you want??" Now I had a Spidey pic, Batman, Robin, and a Hellboy Jr one like you can see here. What does he pick???
Why the monkey above, of course. Great Con. Great, great Con.

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